Dating older women, is not a trend that started today, yesterday, last week, or last year. It has been happening before the great grand parents of everyone reading this.
There are several advantages of dating an older woman;

1.No pressure about settling down.

2.High levels of maturity (Which rubs on the dude).

3.Career advancement and connections.

4.High level of experience.

5.They are not into you for your wallet size.

6.Age comes with confidence.

7.No more drama.

8.They are classy.

9.The sex is amazing.

As far as religion is concerned, there’s no where in the Bible where it condemns marrying an older woman, also Mohammed, the pioneer of Islam married a woman much older than him, which was of great benefit to him. Atheists should be more open minded about this.

Let us try to mind our businesses when we observe a large age gap between a man and an older woman. Let us be happy they found love and pray we find ours.

Leave Tiwa Savage and Wizkid alone.