Man leaks Nudes photos of his beautiful ex-girlfriend shocked on Twitter for infecting him with HIV
A Twitter user (@___Cruzzk) posted his beautiful ex girlfriend’s n*des and s*x photos on Twitter.

He tweeted :

You cheated on me several times , I forgave you but you wouldn’t stop cheating on me with several men I am clearly better than . We broke up few months only for me to find out you’ve infected me with HIV. That’s fair because it’s pay back time. cry cry

I will post you nudes on here on Twitter and on facebook with your face on it @_Thedamiway.

Cruzzk vowed to use social media to tarnish the image of his girlfriend who he claims infected him with HIV. The couple dated for almost a year then had a nasty break up.

The post is currently trending the cyber with some online users mocking the lady for the ‘disgrace’ while others are blasting the guy for doing such thing.