A newborn baby has been miraculously dug out of a shallow grave after being buried alive for 8 hours in Canarana, Brazil.

The tot was born around midday to a 15-year-old girl. She claimed she was alone at home and her daughter arrived quickly and fell onto the bathroom floor hitting her head.

When the baby failed to cry after being born, her 57-year-old great grandmother, Kutz Amin, said she believed she was dead and followed tribal customs by wrapping her in a cloth and buried her in the back yard.

After being dug out by the cops, the tot was rushed to the Agua Boa Regional Hospital with paramedics clearing her airways and administering oxygen in the ambulance.

Doctors transferred her to intensive care following tests and scans and said the resilient child is making good progress despite her traumatic start to life.

Officers were alerted to the incident after receiving an anonymous tip off that the death of the newborn had not been reported to the relevant authorities.

Investigators revealed they arrested the great-grandmother on charges of attempted murder.