A 17-year-old single mother identified as Jamila, was forced to sell her body for money and to survive along with her daughter. The teenage lady is one of an increasing number of Somali women in Nairobi, Kenya who are left desolate after being tricked into a ‘vacation marriage.’

Many of the women are refugees who are lured by the offer of a better life abroad. They often go through a fake wedding ceremony.

The women are later abandoned as the men return to their families in the West. It’s a practice known as vacation marriage.

A journalist Jamal Osman has been to Nairobi, where he put together this documentary to show the world what is going on.

Young Jamila was in tears as she narrated to the journalist how she has been given a bad name following the nature of her job in a brothel.

She revealed how her “husband” spent so much money to lure her as he abandoned her after three months of their marriage. Now she hustles as a sex worker to make ends meet.